5 Things I Loved About Going to Saint Louis University

This is the first post in my Colleges: Pros and Cons series! In the near future, I will write about the Air Force Academy, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and the University of Iowa. These are all schools that either I or my fiance have attended, so we will be able to provide personal reviews of them for those who might be interested in attending.

One of SLU's many gorgeous fountains--I took this picture on my first day.

In the fall of 2013, I entered my freshman year at SLU. It was my second choice university (I didn’t get in to my top choice, but that was okay, because I still ended up in Saint Louis, which was my goal all along). I applied to SLU in the early fall of my senior year of high school and got my acceptance letter sometime in October or November.

1.) The school follows the Jesuit mission. Something that students at SLU hear constantly is “service before self,” and that’s a phrase that I continue to try to live by. SLU prides itself on the fact that the vast majority of its students do volunteer work, and many classes at SLU require students to volunteer.

2.) The campus is gorgeous. SLU’s campus is filled with beautiful architecture and landscaping. Because it was founded in 1818, many of the buildings on campus are quite old, and they provide a lovely contrast to the newer buildings. SLU is full of wonderful fountains, and it is a joy in the spring time to see the fountains running and the flowers blooming.

3.) The dorms aren’t horrible. Some friends of mine attend Western Illinois University, and I was very surprised when I visited them once to discover that their dorm rooms were filled with rickety old furniture that seemed like it would fall apart any time. Although SLU’s dorms aren’t amazing, they do have decent furniture and they aren’t really that bad to live in. My bed was actually the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on!

4.) The location is amazing! I worked at New City School while I attended SLU, and I was able to bike to work every day through a few really neat residential neighborhoods as well as one street filled with hipster-y restaurants and businesses. To top it off, there was a metro station just a short walk away from campus, so it’s possible to get nearly anywhere in the city without a car.

5.) It was private and slightly separated from the surrounding community. Now, I’m not trying to imply that the surrounding community was somehow bad or that I didn’t want to be a part of it, but it was nice knowing that I could walk safely from the library to my dorm at midnight and the only other people that I would encounter would be fellow students. I’m currently attending the University of Iowa, and although I quite enjoy the atmosphere here as well, I do sometimes miss the way that SLU is its own small community within the larger community.

Don’t miss the next post in this series, and let me know of any questions that you would like me to address either about SLU or any of the other universities mentioned above!



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