5 Things I Love About Being a Hawkeye

This is the third post in my Colleges: Pros and Cons series! Check out 5 things I loved about UCCS and what I loved about SLU. Coming up, I will feature what Cody loved about the Air Force Academy, as well as a list of dislikes for each school. But for now, let’s focus on how great it is to be a hawkeye!


When we had Cale, we had two choices: Cody would have to legally give up his paternity so that he could continue going to the Air Force Academy (more on that later) or we could transfer to the University of Iowa where Cody could join their Air Force ROTC program (and we would live only an hour and half away from both of our families). The choice for Cody to leave the Academy was tough, but the choice to come to Iowa was easy, and we are so happy about our decision! We arrived here in January 2015, and we will both be graduating next school year! I have truly loved living here in Iowa City, and the university has offered me a lot of opportunities that I have been very grateful for.

1.) The University of Iowa is huge! I know that some people aren’t into huge schools; I really enjoy it for several reasons, but I’ll just tell you my top two: (1) A huge student population equals a huge alumni network. There are Iowa grads in every state, and it creates an instant connection when you meet someone with the same alma mater. (2) The possibilities are endless when it comes to student activities. There is every club you could possibly imagine, and if you do manage to think up a different one, you can create it!

2.) The professors actually connect with the students. This was honestly true for SLU and UCCS as well, but I’m especially impressed by it here because it is such a huge school. Most professors are dealing with hundreds of students every day, yet every professor that I’ve had has managed to learn my name by the end of the semester. As a person who is shy and not typically outgoing, it really touches me when someone reaches out to me and makes me feel seen. It makes me feel like my presence in class truly matters, and that’s a great feeling to have.

3.) The sporting events are fun, even for a person who doesn’t like sports. I do not like football at all, but even I have fun at the football games here. It’s so much fun to see an entire state come together to root for your school! Neither SLU nor UCCS had football teams, so this is my first experience with college football, and it’s been pretty cool. They also have other teams that are great, and it’s fun to be able to see the slightly more obscure sports like gymnastics and wrestling.

4.) Iowa City is the third UNESCO City of Literature in the world. I love to read and write, and this is the city of readers and writers, which is really great. The public library is gigantic, and the local bookstores are perfect. The best part of all of this is that successful authors are constantly coming to Iowa City to speak about their books and even do readings of their latest work.

5.) Iowa is my home. I loved living in Saint Louis and Colorado Springs, and I plan to spend the majority of my life moving around and traveling, but Iowa will always be where my heart is. In my experience, most people in the world are kind-hearted when you get to know them, but it’s the Iowans who wear their kindness on their sleeves. Cody, Cale, and I were in a minor car accident in the fall, and the kindness of the strangers around us was astounding. Immediately after impact, a man behind us jumped out of his car and ran up to make sure we were okay and to inform us that he was calling 911 for us. Our car had to be towed, but because we had Cale and his carseat, neither the police car nor the tow truck would be able to safely transport us. A couple who were about to head home from the gym asked us if we needed a ride home, and then gave us their phone numbers in case we might need transportation later on. Of course, this could have happened anywhere, but this is just the type of thing that Iowans do for one another, and that’s pretty amazing.

The University of Iowa isn’t where I originally intended to get my degree from, but it has quickly become my home, and I am so happy to be here. Comment below if there are any questions that you have about Iowa, SLU, or UCCS, and don’t forget to check back for the rest of the series!


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