6 Blog Posts That Will Help You Become a Better Person Today

I am all about self-improvement. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching yourself grow into the best person you can be. I’m always on the lookout for a great post that will help me create better habits for myself, and I collect them on my Pinterest board, Better Life Habits. These are the best posts that I’ve found so far.



1.) 5 Resources That Will Improve Your Productivity (and ASSASSINATE procrastination)

This list is a roundup of 5 great apps and products that will help you focus more and procrastinate less. I am the queen of procrastination, so tools like these are really helpful for me.

2.) 5 Steps To An Insanely Productive Morning

When I have a great morning, the rest of my day is great too. Getting a solid morning routine down is the key to setting yourself up for a productive day, and this list has some great ways to spice up your morning routine.

3.) 21 Ways to Become an Early Morning Exerciser

Waking up early to exercise is one thing that I always want to do but find myself struggling to follow through with. This article is packed with great tips for people who are horrible at making themselves exercise in the morning.

4.) 5 Things You Should Do Everyday–Even When Life is Stressful

This is my favorite blog post right now. Too often, I notice myself going into “survival mode” where I just focus on assignments that are due and things that need to be done immediately. This post is a great reminder of the little things that should be done every day so that they don’t pile up and make you feel overwhelmed.

5.) 15 Ways to Feel More Powerful in 15 Minutes

On those days when I wake up and don’t feel confident, I notice that it quickly spirals into a Netflix day. Although I’m a huge advocate for having a good Netflix day every once in awhile, watching Netflix all day when you have important things that need to be done is a massive waste of time. Instead of curling up in a ball, try these ideas to help you get your confidence back.

6.) 23 Ways to Treat Yo’self Without Buying or Eating Anything

When you’ve had a really productive day, there’s nothing better than rewarding yourself for your efforts. But often, when that reward involved eating junk food or spending a lot of money, you end up regretting it. This list is great for the days when you just deserve a treat but you don’t want to feel guilty about it later.

If you’re interested in more posts about self-improvement, check out my Better Life Habits board on Pinterest. I’m always updating it with new posts.


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