The Things I Disliked About UCCS

Hello, all! It’s been way too long since my last post, but I am officially done with finals and getting Cody ready to go to Montana for his field class, so I will be back to the blogging-grind. This is the fourth post in my Colleges: Pros and Cons series, if you missed the first entries, check out 5 Things I Loved About Going to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs5 Things I Love About Being a Hawkeye, and The Things I Disliked About Saint Louis University. Coming soon, I’ll talk about what I dislike about Iowa, and Cody will eventually write up a few guest posts about the Air Force Academy.

dislike UCCS

When I moved to UCCS, I lived in the apartments on campus. I had three fantastic roommates and a gorgeous walk to class every day. And the best part: I got to see Cody every single weekend and some weekdays! I was very happy with UCCS, and it’s been tough for me to think of very many things that I didn’t enjoy about it, but if I had to critique the school, I think that I would critique two things: (1) the fact that it is overshadowed by UC Boulder, and (2) the difficulty level of most of my classes.

1.) I don’t know very much about UC Boulder other than the fact that during my time at UCCS, I met several people who transferred to Boulder. The general consensus was that Boulder was the larger school of the two, and that it was overall a better school. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but I do know that UCCS didn’t do a lot to try to combat this opinion. I think that it is a difficult issue because the two are technically sister schools, but there could have been ways for UCCS to make sure that its students knew that it was the better school. This is of course completely speculation, so I’ll get to my next point.

2.) The classes I took at UCCS were easy as pie. For some people, this would be in the pros section, and I will say that I enjoyed the GPA bump that I received from UCCS, but I do wish that the classes would have been just a tiny bit more difficult. I am a big believer in the power of a name, and when it comes to what college is on your resume, I do think that it will tip things in your favor if your school was known for being rigorous and turning out great scholars. UCCS just wasn’t a rigorous school. Compared to both SLU and Iowa, UCCS was much easier.

Again, I really enjoyed my time at UCCS. The only reason that I transferred away was because Cody and I wanted to be closer to family once Cale was born. If it hadn’t been for that, I would have gladly received my diploma from UCCS, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants to move to Colorado Springs or who already lives there and wants to go to school close to home.



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