NYC Honeymoon On A Budget (or the story of how my husband and I accidentally stayed in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York)

As many of you know, Cody and I got married this month! I am so excited to write a series of posts about the wedding and its many details, but I want to kick things off with the story of our wonderful honeymoon. We decided to go to the Big Apple for our honeymoon because neither of us had ever been there before, and because we knew that we would be able to explore the city without breaking the bank. It was important to us to save money without feeling like we were missing out on anything, and I think that we more than succeeded.


I cannot stress enough the beauty that is AirBNB. Without AirBNB, our trip would not have been possible. We rented out a small one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with a full kitchen and great bathroom for only $50 a night! From the minimal research that I’ve done, the average cost of a hotel in the city is around $200 a night. AirBNB alone saved us about $1,000. If you are traveling anywhere, check AirBNB to see what is available. The only downside to our AirBNB rental was that we didn’t do a lot of research about the neighborhood it was in before we booked it. When we arrived and saw it in person, it seemed a little rough around the edges but for the most part okay. It wasn’t until Cody did a little more research that we discovered that the part of Brooklyn we were staying in is known for having a fairly high murder rate. After that we decided to avoid walking around at night, and we were just fine. I would go so far as to say that I would stay at that exact location again.

Our second money saver on our trip was buying two New York Passes. The New York Pass is a little card that for a one-time fee gets you entry into over 80 attractions around the city. We bought two five day passes for $240 each, and we ended up saving about $100 (basically we got to go to two attractions for free). The best part about the passes is how easy they are to use. You just show up at the attraction, show them your pass, and they give you a ticket. If you’re going to go to New York City and have a desire to do the traditional tourist attractions, you need to buy the New York Pass.

I think that our honeymoon was my favorite part of getting married. It was finally the time for us to just breathe and enjoy each other, and even though NYC isn’t exactly a relaxing city, the excitement of it was the perfect way to top off the excitement of getting married. We saw dozens of historic places and learned a lot about the city itself. Although we were glad to get back to Iowa (and Cale!) we are looking forward to taking another trip to New York someday.


2 thoughts on “NYC Honeymoon On A Budget (or the story of how my husband and I accidentally stayed in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York)

  1. Janelle says:

    We love AirBnB – we used it several times during our honeymoon in different places and have on other random vacations too! It works out so well. 🙂 We’ve never been to NYC but hope to go someday, so I’ll keep that in mind about the Pass!


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