October in Review

This month has gone by so quickly! It seems that every month that passes goes by faster than the last. Of course, the best part of October is Halloween, and we had a great time trying to figure out what we would be this year. Last year Cale was a spider, Cody his web, and I was a witch. (Sorry in advance for the grainy quality of these pictures, I need to start taking pictures of our costumes BEFORE it gets dark!)


This year at the last minute we decided to be a lion and tiger and bear (oh my!) and I’m so glad that’s what we went with! Walmart had this crazy adorable lion costume in Cale’s size, and I could not stop laughing at how cute he looked. He wasn’t a fan of the mane at first, but once he realized that it was making everyone laugh he decided that he liked it.


We got to wear our costumes to Mt. Pleasant’s Ghost Train. The weather was shockingly nice and Cale had a great time strolling around and looking at everyone. We were a bit worried that the Ghost Train might freak him out, but to everyone’s amusement he ended up waving at the people in costume as we passed them. The only thing he wasn’t a fan of were the other children’s screams.

Aside from Halloween activities, I’ve been busy with the English Society. Our number one goal this year is growth, and we have had several events that have been really successful. It’s so exciting to be involved with a group of people who are passionate about similar things. Our latest event was one where we were able to speak to a professor about his career, and it was truly inspiring. He had some amazing insights on what it is to be a teacher; after speaking to him, my desire to teach definitely grew.

It’s been a great month, and I’m excited to see what the remainder of the semester has to bring!


Goals for November:

1) Write every day.

2) Blog once a week.

3) Take Cale to the park a few more times before it gets too cold.

4) Apply to three jobs.

5) Read ahead for at least one class.


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